R E V E R S E   M I R A C L E

Advintage is proud to partner with Water Mission as our choice philanthropy. Since 2005, we have been able to donate water filtration systems in Peru, Indonesia, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, Philippines and Uganda.

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In 2015, Advintage deployed the equivalent of 15 more water systems! These systems have helped support 27 projects in 8 countries!  Over 190,000 people now have access to safe water. For more information on our 2015 Global Impact, click here.

In 2016, we deployed a water system to Honduras.

In 2017, we asked Water Mission to send a water system where the need was greatest, as Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria caused much devastation to the Atlantic and Gulf. 

Moving forward, our goal is s to send at least one water filtration system annualy.

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At Advintage, we like to turn fine wine back into clean water, and we could not do it without the help and dedication of Water Mission International.

Water Missions International is a nonprofit Christian engineering organization providing sustainable safe water and sanitation solutions for people in developing countries and disaster areas. Safe water is the source of life. It is the foundation for health, education and viable economies. Through the generous support of individuals, churches, our corporate partners and many others, Water Missions International has brought relief and hope to more than 2.4 million people across the globe. Our faith and belief in the sanctity of life compel us to develop and implement the best technologies and community development programs so God will be honored and glorified through our work.
Our mission is to be a best in class Christian engineering ministry that transforms lives through sustainable safe water solutions.
Water Missions International will be a Christian engineering ministry that is recognized as a global leader in transformational safe water solutions by 2017.