1. We value PEOPLE. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone is appreciated, respected and needed.

  2. EMPOWERMENT through clarity, trust, invitation and challenge.

  3. Our mission is to ELEVATE the quality of product being consumed in our markets.

  4. We are PASSIONATE and EDUCATED about our portfolio and producers.

  5. HUMILITY, HUNGER and HUSTLE are required to be a team member.

  6. We SERVE each team member, customer and supplier how we would want to be served.

  7. We are GENEROUS with our successes and believe we can change the world.

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Our Mission at Advintage Distributing of the Carolinas is to canvas the Carolinas with the best Fine Wine, Craft Beer and Artisanal Spirits on the planet. We value hard work, relationships, and the spirit of partnership.


Our culture is addicted to thriving and setting audacious goals.
Serving as a true partner to our customers is our #1 priority.
This means understanding their needs, maintaining a portfolio hinged on quality, and bringing the most authentic, exciting products to the Carolinas.


Advintage Distributing was founded in 2003 when Owner Henri Gabriel set out to build a company that valued its employees, paid homage to producers, and would raise the bar on the caliber of wine available in South Carolina.
Starting from humble beginnings, the Team hustled to assemble the finest wine portfolio, while wearing many different hats, to earn trust and loyalty. By early 2006, Advintage had eclipsed 15 employees, moved into a larger warehouse, and, in an effort to respond to a growing trend, added Craft Beer to its portfolio.
After realizing unimaginable growth, Henri moved the company into its present 40,000 sqft warehouse facility. In 2012 he invested in industry-specific ERP software, had a state-of-the-art picking module designed, and added Artisanal Spirits to the portfolio. Ultimately, he was preparing the company for the growth opportunity he could see on the horizon. By late 2014 Advintage was 70 employees strong.
The next opportunity presented itself in the form of Juice Wine Purveyors, a state-wide Fine Wine and Artisanal Spirits Wholesaler based in Raleigh, NC, which was founded in 2006. Founder of Juice, Don Holloway, and Henri had worked together earlier in their careers. Don led Juice for seven years, then realizing the need for growth capital and product diversification, looked to Henri to take the company and its 30 employees to the next level. Juice was an excellent way for Advintage to expand its footprint to cover both Carolinas, continue to over-deliver for suppliers and customers, and find synergies in buying power. "Advintage Distributing of North Carolina" was officially announced in January 2015.
The dual-state company is now home to over 130 employees.