Source: Gruppo Pesquera

Source: Gruppo Pesquera


Zamora, Spain

Where time tastes of memories and aromas are fashioned.

Dehesa la Granja is fully integrated into the environment of the land it respects deeply; Zamora. Regarded as one of the most picturesque estates in the wine sector, almost 800 hectares stretch magnificently along the banks of the River Guarena. 

This bodega boasts an impressive underground cellar where its famous wines sleep peacefully. For 17 years, from 1750-1767, in a darkness and silence broken only by the sound of digging, 125 men gradually gained ground ont he unforgiving rock until excavating over 3,000m of extraordinary maze-like tunnels.

As well as making wine, the estate is also dedicated to growing other agricultural crops and to livestock farming, which allows it to sell chickpeas, cheese and EVOO, all grown and produced on the estate supply the bodega's restaurant with delicious home-grown fare; a sublime treat fro lovers of fine food.