Source: Bon Vivant Imports

Source: Bon Vivant Imports


Ribeiro, Spain

Vinos de Encostas is the highly esteemed Xose Lios Sebio’s (of Coto de Gomariz) personal project of unique, small-lot wines coming from all around northwest Spain. Meaning, ‘Wine of the Hills,’ Vinos de Encostas features only the top fruit of each region that Xose has planted or works closely with, all in the hilly and steep zones within particular D.O.s or areas.

A commitment to biodynamic and organic farming, leads him to make wines with the purest expression of fruit that the land has to offer. Used oak, natural fermentations, light filtration methods, and minimal sulfur usage are common practices at the winery in order to showcase the exceptional fruit that they work with. All wines in their line are remarkable examples of the best that northwestern Spain has, with its multitude of unique indigenous varieties.