Source: Vega Tolosa

Source: Vega Tolosa


Manchuela, Spain

Apart from its exceptional soil and climatic conditions, another peculiarity is that Vega Tolosa winery can adapt the production process to the demands of different markets.

The constant work of a family that has paid off, producing balanced wines that reflect the personality of the vineyard make quality organic wines, stylish and signed by the author. All this is thanks to his philosophy and some keys to success that the family fully understand: The vines over 80 years old;, the excellent climatic conditions of the region for growing grapes, an exceptional terroir, qualified staff and expert in the wine world who are passionate about Vega Tolosa and finally, some value, such as respect for tradition, innovation, flexibility to adapt to the situation and the proximity of their costumers.

In 1998 it was decided to build a new winery, practical and functional.

Oriented to develop and market quality wines worldwide.

All machines manufactured with the latest technology, along with the number of barrels of French oak and experience of many years researching new oenological creations; has achieved a range of wines suitable not only for the most demanding customers, but for a taste of new consumers.