Source: Adegas Valminor

Source: Adegas Valminor


Rio Baixas, Spain

History. Family. Friends. Dedication. Vocation. A wide range of words could describe our winery, Adegas Valmiñor, because we can be defined by them all, but they flow into the same passion: our wines. The winery was founded in 1997 but our tradition is ancestral. We love Albariño grape, but also Treixadura, Loureiro, Castañal…. We love our land and all it gives to us. We respect and take care of it, because it is our legacy. It is our entire life.

In Adegas Valmiñor we aspire to be the at the national wine vanguard. A vanguard held by the land and vineyards selection, and exquisite care of the grapes and most advanced technologies in order to produce a wide range of wines, which are full of personality and do not leave indifferent even the most expert palates.

Water. Soil. Air. Sun. Four elements, four powers. Four energies joined into the same area, which is full of magic. A unique character built up under the attentive gaze of the same legacy: O Rosal legacy. The Atlantic and the Miño River flow into the same aroma; grape and history become quality wines; light and wind frozen at the same time, under the same taste. This is our nature, our source of life and inspiration; these are our wines.