Source: Champagne Vadin-Plateau

Source: Champagne Vadin-Plateau


Champagne, France

Vadin plateau house cultivates 7 hectares of vines which, for the most part, are located in the villages classified in Premier Cru. Only the 5 hectares. Only the 5 hectares close to the estate are cultivated in organic and biodynamic ways since 2012.

2017 launches the conversion in organic viticulture. We guarantee our customers to meet specific organic requirements. This is the first step in ensuring the quality that Vadin-Plateau strives for. This philosophy is essential to bring out the taste of our terroir and give soul to the heart of our wine. At every step, from the grapes to the bottles' disgorging, the Estate adopts a soft and natural style of winemaking.

The wines are given the upmost respect and are "listened" to. They are nourished by the light and by the life flowing through biodynamics. Thus they can fully express their own identity without interference of any kind and always in keeping with the unique energy of each vintage.

After vinification, the wines are left to age int he cellar for a minimum of 2 years for NV and 4 years for vintage before being disgorged. Dosage is kept to a minimum to avoid making any nuance of the wines' character.

Vadin-Plateau Estate is a family run enterprise in the village of Cumieres since 1785. A passion for wine and its cultivation has been transmitted from generation to generation and continues today with me, the ninth generation. Each generation has brought with it symbolic change to the estate. The brand continues under the aegis of me, who has been brilliantly practicing his winemaking skills by combining tradition with modernity, and tehreby ensuring the sustainablity of an expertise that is as authentic as it is innovative.