Source: Sutler's Spirit Co.

Source: Sutler's Spirit Co.


Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Spirits are the revolutionary's drink, a rebellion in a bottle. Made for the people, by the people, spirits are a manifesto in liquid form.

That's why we've staked our claim to the sutler name.

Sutlers were the original purveyors of spirits, boosting morale against all odds. These behind-the-scenes supports bootstrapped our troops, in the good times and the bad.

Theirs is a legacy we're proud to revive.

Sutler's Spirit Co. is our nod to the history that made us who we are, and the city that continues to inspire us. Int he 200 years since the Revolution, the people of Winston-Salem haven't seen a sutler, let alone had a distillery to call their own. But sutlers always worked to bring the people what they needed, using their resources to enact the impossible.

The days of doing business in makeshift tents mere yards from the front lines may be long gone, but the resilience of yesterday's sutlers still spurs us on today. Our distillery is our tent, and our ingenuity is a force helping to build a new future for locally made spirits.

There's a reason our light burns all night long.

Our recipes never rest, and neither do we.