Salzburg, Austria

It goes without saying that it is the distinctive flavor and the prime quality that sets Stiegl apart from other beers.

To brew high-quality beer, a wealth of experience in brewing and a natural feel for dealing with the raw materials is essential. That's why we call it the art of brewing!

Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener and master brewer, Christian Popperl ensure that this continues to be so.

With the creation of a ‘Salzburg beer’, as the location of Austria’s largest ‘World of Beer’ and given the large number of breweries located here, Salzburg claims the title of ‘The Austrian Beer Capital’.

With a history spanning over more than 500 years, Stiegl plays a significant part in this beer culture given, among other things, the huge variety of beer it offers. In addition to the approximately twenty Stiegl beer types the Stiegl-Brauwelt’s ‘in-house’ brewery creates some interesting beer varieties such as the ‘Männerschokolade’, the ‘Zölibat’ or the ‘Gmahde Wiesn’.

These Stiegl ‘house beers’ are creative spicy concoctions with a diverse range of ingredients such as juniper berries, coriander, rye or, at Christmas, honey and cinnamon. 

Some of these beers are then brewed in the large brew house such as the Stiegl-Paracelsus-Zwickl which was first brewed as a ‘trial’ about ten years ago.