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Bordeaux, France

Located just 25 miles southeast of Bordeaux on the left bank of the Garonne River, Sauternes is a subdivision of the Graves, renown for its warm Terroir of river gravel. The Cirons tiny tributary of the Garonne is responsible for the birth of the "noble rot" that produces the liquid gold. Indeed, the temperature between these two rivers allow the development of this magical "mist" that covers the vines and disappears during the day allowing enough humidity to feed the fungus. Developing outside the berries this rot sucks the water out of the grapes, and leave a juice with high concentration of sugar while preserving the acidity and the genuine flavors of the fruit.

The Chateau Saint Vincent is one of the oldest wine estates in the village of Pujols sur Ciron, also famous for its Graves red and white production. Former vineyard of M. De Cherchy, member of the parlement of Bordeaux in 1750, it has been owned for 6 generatoins by the Desqueroux family. Vincent still works with his mother, Francoise and father Francis; together they preserve the soul of the family heritage.