Source: Soter Vineyards

Source: Soter Vineyards


Willamette Valley, Oregon

At Soter Vineyards, we farm our wine. These wines are a reflection of the intention to convey place as an essential character in everything we make. The combination of respectful farming and craftsmanship as well as our ancient soils and temperate climate result in wines that are layered, nuanced and seductively captivating while remaining modest in alcohol and tannin, a happy consequence of the interaction between both the hand and the land.

Our ardent reverence for the environment at Mineral Springs Ranch is a philosophical statement of our core values, and we know that responsible farming practices produce wines of the absolute highest quality. At the helm of our sustainability initiatives, Michelle Soter has long been firm in her commitment and belief in nurturing the land in order to prolong its health for the pleasure and productivity of all those who enjoy it today and for future generations.