Source: Kysela

Source: Kysela


Barossa, Australia

There are winemakers across the globe crafting delicious, fruit-driven wines. There are wineries who are using the most expensive glass, who have hired the most creative artists to design their labels, who have created the most luxurious tasting rooms. Then, there are wineries whose efforts and resources have been devoted to creating the most satisfying wine they can conceive. Fran Kysela set out to find the latter - the ones who are focused on the juice in the bottle, so that he could offer consumers a pleasurable drink at a pleasurable price. He found what he was looking for, and he calls it Rubus.

Rubus is a private label created and used by Kysela Pere et Fils, LTD in order to buy, bottle and market wine found at an incredible quality/price ratio. Over the past few years, Rubus has become an international brand, encompassing wines from various continents. All Rubus wines are selected by Fran Kysela MS