Source: Chateau de Roquebrune

Source: Chateau de Roquebrune


Bordeaux, France

Florent Guinjard is a child of Bordeaux vineyards, and has a passion for wine and a big heart to share it. Above all, he likes to discover the amazing diversity of the wines he produces on his estate. At the heart of the property that has belonged to his family since 1880, he perpetuates both the tradition while advancing, year after year, his technique of vinification by enlisting the advice of the best oenologists that Bordeaux offers.  He desires to offer a high range of wines at an affordable price.

The result is unmistakable: a large, non-oaked wine that expresses the scents of fruits (cherries and other red fruits), elegance, finesse and gluttony.

Florent Guinjard is more than an enthusiast. He learned his trade from his father and grandfather. A hard trade that once can only do well if one loves it sincerely. He applies himself everyday to perpetuating this family know-how with the fundamental values that create excellence, authenticity and conviviality.