Why populis? Because it's all about you, our friends and allies, our brothers and sisters who want to drink delicious, honest wine. There is not enough wine with soul that we can afford to drink... and we like to drink!

So with our powers combined we became populis! A group with but one goal: BRING THE WINE TO THE PEOPLE... But not just any wine... OH NO! We find amazing vineyards all over Northern California where the farming is top notch. Herbicides? NO! Synthetic pesticides? NO! Organic? YES! Old vines? YES! Complex, out of this world terroir? DOUBLE YES! And once we hunt down these special vineyards we do all we can to not screw it up -- and by that we mean no additions, no intervention, no tomfoolery-- just straight up fermented juice.

Welcome to a world my friends... A world where we all drink delicious, honest wine and can afford to pop another bottle!

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