Source: Poderi Elia

Source: Poderi Elia


Piedmont, Italy

Piemonte is one of the leading regions in Italy for top-quality wine making. A century- long tradition of small wineries keeps the name of Piemonte wines high all over the world. Our company fits into this pattern of family-run traditional wineries.

Our great grandfather established the estate in 1890. The company is family run. Our vineyards and premises are located in Neive. We own all of the vineyards we source our grapes from. The estate broadens over an area of about 9 hectares. The Barbera d'Alba Superiore is produced from 45 year-old vineyards and both the Barbaresco Serracapelli and the Docetto d'Alba from 30 year-old vineyards.

Each bottle is the outcome of a quality-oriented activity both in the vineyards (low yields to get excellent grapes) and in the winery (traditional methods: our wines are neither filtered nor clarified). The characteristics that you find in each glass mirror the features of the terroir the wine comes from.