Source: Rare Wine Co.

Source: Rare Wine Co.


Loire, France

Established in 1883 - Bertrand Sourdais began his quest in the autumn of 2003. From the start, he has worked in the vineyards to create harmony and balance. As at Atauta, he is working tirelessly to find the potential of each vine. And while biodynamics are an important tool for many Loire Valley growers, they are merely a starting point for Bertrand to set his vineyards on the right path. Of course, he has completely rethought the winemaking process. He is employing an extended maceration - up to an astonishing 40 days - to capture the "true" personality of Chinon. Elevage is similarly long and gentle - primary in 2nd passage barrels from elite Bordeaux estates. The wines are handled less, and bottled later, than almost any others in Chinon.

Pallus wines are made only in exceptional years and in tiny quantities, as Pallus aims to test the upper limits of what Chinon can be.