Source: Bodegas Ostatu

Source: Bodegas Ostatu


Rioja, Spain

"At Ostatu, family and vineyards are the pillars that govern our day-to-day; It is how we work and make our wines.

For generations, members of the Sáenz de Samaniego family have been dedicated to viticulture. In fact, there is evidence of our relationship with the vineyard since the sixteenth century, when our ancestors used a winery located in the neighbourhood of Matarredo, with underground cellars carved into the rock. 
It is the same winemaking process that we witnessed from our grandfather and later from our parents, Doroteo and Maria Asunción. Then, in the late 1960s, combining a strong commitment to work, an emerging vision of the future and perseverance, they decided to market their own wines. They erected a new winery, the one that exists today, attached to a mansion built in the eighteenth century as an inn on the road from Laguardia to Vitoria.

Today, four of Doroteo and Maria Asunción’s six children (Gonzalo, Ernesto, Mariasun and Iñigo) have gradually taken over the winery since 2000. Our way of working is founded on the combination of permanent improvement, common sense and a deep respect for sustainable practices.

Based on this view, we have opted for the quality of our products, marketing wines known as “singulars” - such as Gloria de Ostatu or Laderas de Ostatu - and expanding the range of young and aged wines, known as "sensible". Stylish wines that are not only made in the cellar but begin to take shape in the vineyard through the influence of the typical Rioja Alavesa microclimate and the characteristics of the soils in which our vines grow, our "terroir".

At Ostatu, we understand wine and life as the pursuit of excellence through a balance between the past and today, free from trends. This philosophy is apparent not only in how we work and in our winery; it is also present in each of our wines. 

Welcome to our family!"