Rias Biaxas, Spain

Galicia's legendary Albarino grape until the late 190s remained jsut that -- a legend. Often thought to be a distant relative, perhaps even an immediate ancestor of the Riesling, its high quality and extreme scarcity assured its perennial position as Spain's most expensive wine grapes. The high cost temped many to stretch production through overproduction and blending resulting in frequent disappointment on the part of the adventurous taster. Authentic examples were produced in tiny, unstable lots which never made it outside the region. IN 1988 the D.O. Rias Baixas was established as part of an ongoing movement to recuperate and assure authenticity. Refocusing attention on a superior microclimate and fuller style, Morgadio ("only son" in Gallego) set new standards upon its release.

In 1984, a farm named Morgadio in the Rias Baixas, subdistrict of Condado do Tea near the aldea of Albeos was consolidated form multiple existing owners, and planting began.  Vineyard area was gradually expanded to its current 148 acres. As important as the great Albarino grape to the production of world-class white wine is adequate winemaking equipment. Just in time for the 1988 harvest, Morgadio finished a state-of-the-art gravity-flow facility at the bottom of the vineayrd amphitheater which includes pneumatic presses and isothermic stainless steel tanks.