Source: Authentique Vin

Source: Authentique Vin


Burgundy, France

Northernmost vineyard of Burgundy, only 30 miles south of Champagne, Chablis owes its name to a peaceful village settled along the Serein River and surrounded by hillsides planted with exclusively Chardonnay grapes for more than 1,000 years. The old ocean that was covering the area some millions of years ago, left behind this fascinating Terroir known as Kimeridgian with limestone rich in oyster shelves, ammonites and fossils, which offer this inimitable minerality. Due to a cool climate and a low or no use of oak, Chablis offers one of the purest expressions of the Chardonnay grape in France.

Stephane Moreau practices a "well though" agriculture, in his own words, where no insecticide or herbicide are used. The soils are worked to push the roots deep and his close respect of the lunar calendar led him very close to Biodynamy. Looking for a full and complete maturity, Stephane is usually the last to harvest, and one of the few who opt exclusively for manual picking. The label picture of a handholding between two fingers a white grape representing his handcrafted word.