Source: Domaine Michelot

Source: Domaine Michelot


Burgundy, France

This winery has been in the Michelot family for 6 generations and, having increased in size over the years, now comprises more than 19 hectares, which include a number of prestigious 1er cru wines.  The domaine achieved widespread recognition in the 60's under the direction of the charismatic Bernard Michelot and the spirit and tradition flourishes and grows in the hands of the current generation.

We keep anti-malady treatments of the vines to a strict minimum, preferring to keep the land itself healthy through a carefully scheduled program of plowing. We allow grass to grow in a part of each vineyard and mow it regularly. The grass deprives the vines of easily accessible water and forces the root system deep into the ground. This minimizes the need for pesticides and concentrates the specific qualities that each terroir brings to its wine.

Vines growing on the eastern slopes have their leaves thinned out around mid-July, the date depending on the prevailing weather conditions. This process is usually a manual one but can sometimes be mechanical.

To preserve our independence as growers and wine makers we are not part of any organized system or society of organic agriculture. This allows us to develop our own research, the object of which is to encourage the vine to protect itself and to strengthen its immune defenses.