Source: Domaine Michel Thomas

Source: Domaine Michel Thomas


Loire, France

Michel Thomas and his son Laurent took over the estate in 1970 from Michel's father, who started in 1946.

Today they farm 40 parcels located in four villages, totalling 17 hectares (42 acres): 11 hectares Sauvignon, 6 hectares Pinot Noir. The special bottling "Silex" is limited each year to between 400-500 cases. They grow grapes on three soil types: 40% Terre Blanche-Argilo-Calcaire, 40% Caillottes-calcaire, 20% Le Roc-Silex.

At Egrots is a little hamlet in Sury en Vaux, about 4 kms from Sancerre, Sury en Vaux, from 4 kms de Sancerre, Michel and Laurent Thomas have a Vineyard of 17 hectares, planted on three different types of soil. The soil used determinates the nature of the wine, with a high limestone content to the soil such as here; offering a fruity and fin wine; more suited to being drunk at an early age. The clay soil offers the wine a deeper texture that allows them to be laid down for some time. The hardest form of soil produces a wine rich in minerals and fruity aromas that can be laid down for many years.

AOC is a French certification of control that proves all of the wines that are produced are authentic Sancerre wines. The red, white and rosé wines all come with this certification. All production stages take place on the property.