Source: Weingut Meyer-Nakel

Source: Weingut Meyer-Nakel



Werner Näkel was chosen wine maker of the year in 2004 in the Gault-Millau.  He is a visionary that revolutionized Pinot Noir production the Ahr region.  In 2011, Fallstaff, the leading wine publication in Austria, chose Werner Näkel for its highest award: his life’s work in wine!  In 2008 Decanter Magazine bestowed on Meyer-Näkel the International trophy for Pinot Noir.  Quoting Decanter, “It’s a fantastic achievement for Germany to win this trophy.  Imagine it – they have beaten Burgundy, New Zealand and Oregon, all the acknowledged Pinot regions of the world.”

Meyer-Näkel produces 10,000 cases annually and is a member of the VDP and the German Barrique Forum.  He also produces wines in South Africa and in the Douro Valley of Portugal.

The estate has three Grand Cru vineyards:

Dernauer Pfarrwingert – stony weathered soils with colored sandstone like structure with blue slate and clay fragments.

Bad Neuenahr Sonnenberg – skeletal conglomerate of gray slate with loess/loam;

Walporzheimer Kräuterberg – weathered blue slate with stony and sandy loam, the Kräuterberg is made up of very steep 12 meter wide terraces; very small pieces of weathered slate make up the top soil.