Source: Martin Woods Winery

Source: Martin Woods Winery


Willamette Valley, Oregon

At Martin Woods, we partner with exceptional vineyards in the Willamette Valley to produce artisan quantities of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Gamey (and even smaller quantities of Cabernet Franc, Rose, Riesling and Gewurztraminer). We have built our winery and home in the northern Willamette Valley, amongst the wooded foothills of Oregon's Coast Range, 15 minutes from McMinnville.

We look to achieve our goals first and foremost in the vineyard, growing for quality, instead of quantity, working towards a balanced amount of stress in the vineyard that leads to balanced yields of small clusters with small berries and thick, ripe skins. This translates to wine with textural complexity, rich color, expressive aroma, and mouthwatering acidity, all the while being delicate and graceful.

In the winery, we pay meticulous attention to small lot fermentations, such that our approach can be "hands off"...gentle, purposeful and patient..."old world."

Uniquely, we use most of our wine in locally-coopered Oregon oak barrels, made from a distinct local species of oak, Quercus garryana, which is native to the Willamette Valley. This choice is a simple one for us, perfectly aligned with our goal of capturing Oregon terroir in the bottle, to craft wines that evoke a truly authentic sense of place, this place, Oregon.

As is traditional, we generally prefer to bottle our wines without fining or filtration, such that the wines present their most complete character in the glass, while preserving the structure to age gracefully in the cellar for many years.