Source: Malacari

Source: Malacari


Marcha, Italy

The presence and influence of the Malacari family in the Offagna region dates back to the XVI century. The Malacari family has owned this land since the early 1500s. In 1556, Andrea and Simone Angelo Malacri became members of the Senate of Ancona called 'Il Consiglio degli Anzani'. During the XVII century, family territory was extended to include land in the Gallignano county and the estate in Offagna was expanded witht he purchase of Grigiano Hill by Marquess Crescentino Baviera. In 1648, in Ancona, the City Residence (now property of Comune di Ancona) was built in Via Podesti of the Capodimonte district in 1668, in Offangna, Villa Malacari was built. 

Today, the estate is under the management of Alessandro Starrabba Malacri and it is a wine growing business specialized in grape cultivation and DOC and DOCG wine production.

Of the 44 hectares of the estate, all located in the Offagna territoy, 19 are planted with Montepulciano varietals and Conero Riserva DOCG and Rosso Conero DOC wines are produced.

The turning point was back in 1997 when Alessandro decided to concentrate on the vineyards and DOC wine production. He restored the cellars of the mansion and, with the assistance of oenologist and winemaking expert Sergio Paolucci, started to attentively select grapes, planning the first fermentations and refining the Rosso Conero DOC "Villa Malacari".

The estate specializes in high quality wine production which requires the integral control of the production fillera. The family business carries out all the phases of the fillera: from planting and cultivating, to harvesting; from processing the grapes into wine to refining in oak barrels' and finally to bottling and maturing.