Source: Monzio Compagnoni Franciacorta

Source: Monzio Compagnoni Franciacorta


Lombardy, France

Located int he Adro between the splendid hills of Franciacorta, in a farmhouse from 1400, Monzio Compagnoni Azienda Agricola, is considered one of the most dynamic wineries operating in the viticulture sector Franciacorta and Bergamasco.

The farmhouse is surrounded by 14 hectares of land, where the vineyards are managed directly. The current cellar capacity is equal to 5,000 hectoliters of stainless steel and 100 French barriques of 225 liters, which allows 170,000 total bottles annually of the 2 varietals. Production is carried out by pneumatic pressing and stainless steel containers with thermal control, reflecting the best of new technology, alongside traditional barrel aging with oak barriques.