Source: TerreGaie

Source: TerreGaie


Veneto, Italy

"In the quaint village Vò, in the heart of the Colli Euganei in the South of Veneto, lies the estate Lovo. To drive to the estate is to cross flat land for miles, the eastern part of the expansive Po River Valley, and then to come–rather unexpectedly–upon hills of arresting size. Estates here are well known for producing organic wines, and, without a doubt, make the best wines for miles around. With their higher elevation and unique valley they grow grapes that don’t succeed anywhere else.  

One of these varietals is the Fior d’Arancio, a crown jewel of the estate. A clone of Moscato, Fior d’Arancio (“orange blossom”), grows in just a few square miles, and is famous for taking on the aromatic qualities of the orange trees that grow nearby. Over the centuries, the clone has become efficient at absorbing the citrus elements in the soil, and the result is stunning.  

Winemaker Salvatore Lovo, and his daughter Silvia, grow classic varietals of North-Central Italia, but also love to experiment. Like the hills where they reside, they are an oasis of small production beauty in an area of Italia known more for quantity than quality."

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