Source: Long Meadow Ranch & Farmstead

Source: Long Meadow Ranch & Farmstead


Nap Valley, California

Long Meadow Ranch was revitalized in 1989 by proprietors Ted, Laddie and Chris Hall, who set out to produce Bordelais style wines centered around sustainable and "full-circle farming" methods. At our Mayacamas Estate winery and cave, we cultivate 16 acres of mountain vineyards, raise grass-fed Highland cattle, and tend to - as well as harvest from - the oldest olive orchard in the Napa Valley.

Our Rutherford Estate is dedicated to organic grapegrowing, fruit and vegetable production, hand-tended beehives, and our growing flock of egg-laying poultry. Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch is our destination for food and wine in St. Helena, the heart of Napa Valley.

Our vision is to make wine as food - to create world class wines that truly complement a meal - using sustainable, organic farming methods.