Source: Les Chais du Vieux Bourg

Source: Les Chais du Vieux Bourg


Jura, France

The vineyard was established in 2003 as a consequence of Ludwig Bindernagel and Nathalie Eigenschenck's true passion for wine. With a lot of enthusiasm and a bunch of nice buddies, they quickly became a reference in making their vintage wines among the famous wines of this French area, and so they called vins du Jura. The vineyard is based on a very specific soil, very close to 2 marly layers and a calcareous stratus which is rich in fossilized oysters. Therefore, our vines thrust their roots deep into 3 geological layers and take their peculiar taste from it.

The vines, which are about 40-50 years old, are the main asset of the vineyard. They produce few but very concentrated grapes, which is the key to their success. As a selection made by passionate elders, those wines represent a very precious inheritance.

The wine is made in the vineyard: that's our motto! From vine pruning to wine picking, all the work is done by hand, with more precision than machines and is done to avoid the packing down of our precious soil with too heavy vehicles.