Source: Vini La Quercia

Source: Vini La Quercia


Abruzzo, Italy

Vini la Quercia, an oak farm, is run by four friends who became coworkers by the 1980s. Together, they worked to create The Azienda Agricola l'ocher, a small wine-growing company that extends about 46.50 hectares of vineyards, and 5 hectares of olive groves with an oenological plant of approximately 400 square meters. The company believes in respect for nature, as it is essential to obtain a good product, and to respect the health of man and fauna. 

During production, the product is treated as little as possible so that the reflection of the land of origin and its typical characteristics can be found in the glass. The foundation of this work is the quality and the typicality of the product that allows the identification of wine and of the land of origin. "The oak" is a beautiful solid tree evermore strong to any storm.

In recent years, with the rationalization of the organization and thanks to continuous product research, it has been able to reach very high levels in meeting the needs of consumers and, above all, retaining its characteristic of a marketing-oriented company is able to stimulate new needs and satisfy them. it concerns the product, the image, packaging the packaging within a total quality system.

In a few years the dream has become a reality. Today the wines of "La Quercia" are increasingly acclaimed in both national and international markets. The members, all of whome have a long experience in their respective jobs, are working every day to achieve even higher quality levels in continuous search of those minimal nuances that allow you to progress in an increasingly fascinating and stimulating journey. Limited production allows you to always maintain a high quality standard that has made it possible to obtain important awards.