Source: Kanzler Vineyards

Source: Kanzler Vineyards



As a small, family-owned winery we live our lives amidst the vines. Our vineyard and the rhythms of the season are constant reminders that the soil, the air, the water and the vines are the essence of the wines we craft. We’ve always said that great fruit is the real star of our winemaking team. So we let the grapes take center stage, patiently nurturing the vines to produce fruit with intense, ripe and balanced flavors. Then we let time, traditional winemaking techniques and good French oak work their magic.

Today Kanzler Family Vineyards has earned a reputation for consistently producing highly regarded Pinot Noir from our own estate vineyard and from other carefully selected vineyards in the Sebastopol Hills region of western Sonoma County. We continue to sell our Pinot Noir grapes to producers like us who care about letting the essence of the vineyard come through in the wine. In 2016, we added a Rose of Pinot Noir to the line-up and launched a new label that more prominently features our home and vineyard. We credit Alex for the photograph capturing the beauty of Kanzler Vineyard featured on our new package. As our small portfolio grows we remain faithful to our core values and identity: a family-owned winery with wines that are thoughtfully farmed and patiently crafted.