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Loire, France

Jo Landron's long commitment to natural practices has been an inspiration for many winegrowers in France, and his wines are a reference in the too-small family of the Terroir driven Muscadet. Meet Jo once and you'll be conquered by his genuine kindness, his true generosity and his catching persistence.

The 89 acres of Domaine de La Louvetrie are located at the climax of the Muscadet region on the rolling hills of the Sevre and Maine Rivers. Known to be the most ideal area in the region, the soils are rich in magnesium and potassium, made up of clay, gravel and sand above suboil's of Gneiss, schist, granite and volcanic rocks. The vineyard is dominated by maritime influences of the nearby Atlantic Ocean that give this distictive saltiness and iodized taste.

The vineyard was converted 100% Organic viticulture in 1999, gaining full certification from ECOCERT in 2002. In 2008 Jo took the leap to full biodynamic viticulture, gaining VIODVYIN certification.