Source: Jean Baptiste Senat

Source: Jean Baptiste Senat


Aude, France

It is not by chance that we arrived at Trausse Minervois. 
Sometimes we have to know how to listen ... and that is what Jean Baptiste did in 1995 after long studies in Paris and a path that did not make him happy. So he decided to come to Trausse Minervois, family lands on his mother's side, where he and his wine-grower friend met during his audois trips and tried out terroirs that he thought were interesting. makes his first vintage ... restructures the whole cellar, hires a man who will teach him the trade ... and this is where the adventure begins.

Meetings with mythical and generous winegrowers, and the reading of Jules Chauvet, allow him to understand what he wants to do as wine ... and to the vine quickly the choice of Organic Farming certified Ecocert. 

Jean Baptiste in the vineyards and in the cellar, and I assuring the commercial and administrative part, that is how two Parisians, city dwellers, have changed their lives, to live what our life today is: a simple life turned towards our profession , our family, the encounters and the love of wine. 

Every day we tell ourselves that we are lucky to do this job which allows us to live a life rich of sharing, meetings ... which allows us to follow the seasons to accompany our three children in their lives.  

A life where time is rhythmic by the seasons with highlights such as harvesting of course, or size, moment allowing reflection and where the next vintage is prepared ... and moments more focused on marketing. 

We are lucky to be in an area where nature is preserved and even if it is a harsh climate, which has a little rubbish on people, it is an authentic region.