Source: Guido Porro

Source: Guido Porro


Alto Piemont, Italy

In the land of Barolo, in Serralunga d'Alba, under the shade of the castle there are the most important vineyards of the world. Also, the vineyards of family Porro stand in this area - "Lazairasco", "Santa Caterina" and"l Pari" - in the "cru Lazzarito", an enviable position. Exposed to south-west and south-east, the vineyards lay in the best sun of langa and prduce Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera.

But many times being kissed by good luck and good sun is not enough to produce a wine of great quality. It's also necessary a strong effort, a meticulous work between the lines and a loving care of every vine and its soil. This proves that the quality we find in the bottle is already born in the vineyard, before the grapes are transformed in the quiet atmosphere of the cellar.

A solid family tradition, a lot of hard work and even more passion, a strong capability acquired as a kid among lines and barrels: this scored the life of Guido Porro, like the one of his father Giovanni, of his grandfather Guido and his grandfather's father before him.