Source: Bodegas Grupo Pesquera

Source: Bodegas Grupo Pesquera


Ribera del Duero, Spain

Passionate about wine for over four decades.

The four bodegas that comprise Alejandro Fernandez's wine legace, and constitute Grupo Pesquera, share a passion for winemaking that has perfected over time. The strong bond to this great winemaker's homeland is also reflected in the group emblem: the symbolic archway tower of Pewquera de Duero, the characteristic label on his mythical Tinto Pesquera wines.

Numerous awards endorse these wines; awards reaped throughout 40 years of experience in winemaking. It is, without a doubt, a dream come true for Alejandro Fernandez, whose maxim was always to own a bodega and make fine wines. Today, it could be said that reality has surpassed the dream that Alejandro, his bodegas, and his wines have earned worldwide recognition and appreciation.