Source: Champagne Pierre Gerbais

Source: Champagne Pierre Gerbais


Champagne, France

Because “the earth is not ours, we borrow it from our children,” we have been certified AMPELOS since 1996, in accordance with its standards for integrated viticulture. This rigorous certification defines and informs all of our viticulture practices and evidences the important role of respect for the environment in the development of high quality grapes.

To maintain their strong characteristics, each of our vineyards (terroirs) and grape varieties are vinified separately, without artifice or excess. We create our champagnes from the traditional appellation varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. We are exceptional in Champagne, however, having been the first to produce champagne from 100% Pinot Blanc Vrai, which we called “L’ Originale”.