Source: Domaine Gerard Fiou

Source: Domaine Gerard Fiou


Loire, France

Domaine Gerard Fiou is a family Estate created several generations ago by Gerard Fiou's ancestors. Afterh is father, Gerard, developed the Domaine to grow to a size of almost 9 hectares, he developed his property by taking care to limit the strength of his vineyard and to respect the ecosystem of the grounds.

Today, ensuring that the vines are working in harmony with nature, the plots of land are ready for their conversion towards biological culture. The parceling-out together with the wearing-down of the equipment used on a hard ground, consisted essentially of flint stones on the surface, make this conversion an important and expensive decision.

The ground cultivated by Gerard Fiou is exceptional soil where the effect of accumulation of heat during the day in summer, and the restoration of the heat during the evenings, help mature the grapes by continuously being active and maturing, which brings excellence.