Source: Domaine Galevan

Source: Domaine Galevan


Rhone, France

Coralie is the first woman in 9 generations to have taken the reins of the family estate. Before her, Jean-Pierre et Pierrette, her parents, and before them, Eloi et Jean-Francoise, her grandparents left their mark on the estate.

Continuing this long line of Rhone winemakers, Coralie's joie de vivre and modern, independent approach has brought new energy to the Domaine Galévan . She is supported by experience and expertise that have been handed down over the years, as an inheritance.

Fifty-six of the estate's uninterrupted sixty hectares are planted with vines. All of the great grape varieties of the Rhone are grown. The vines have an average of 45 years and produce small quantities of very good quality grapes. 

The soil is treated with great respect; fertilizer is used parcel by parcel on an organic basis. There are no great wines without great grapes.

Never has the estate borne its name so well. As well as evoking and exceptional soil, the name Galévan also symbolizes a balance between knowledge and creative freedom. The wines' fullness and lightness of poetry, consistency and defiance. Of robust character, Coralie Goumarre seeks this balance above all else. It is this that she strives for every day : offering great wines, but not denying any of her principles, following her inspiration, and not letting the possibilities become too restricted.

The name of the wines, the care taken over their labeling, and the emblem placed on each of them stamped with elegance an femininity clearly indicate Coralie’s very personal style. This ambitious winemaker can be relied upon to deliver quality and Domaine Galévan will no doubt be seen gracing the best tables.