Source: Rudi Wiest Selections

Source: Rudi Wiest Selections



WebsiteThe Fritz Müller story began in 2009 with the idea to breathe new life into the traditional German grape variety Müller-Thurgau. Fritz Müller is a joint effort project between Guido Walter and Jürgen Hofmann. Guido Walter came up with the initial idea behind Fritz, because when he and his friends would celebrate, they would yearn for such a wine. Jürgen Hofmann from Appenheim in the Rheinhessen wine region is not only a small, friendly winemaker; he is also a big star. In 2010, with three grapes in the respected “Gault Millau” Wine Guide, they proclaimed him a rising star of his craft. The fact that his wines are so good is due above all to the fun he receives from what he does.

What does Fritz Müller taste like? Downright delicious! Good nerve on the nose. Characterized by fresh fruit like green apples and peach skin, a peach skin that feels like velvet. Unobtrusive floral notes not unlike when entering a flower shop but with very fine accents. Also rose pedals, orange blossoms, even lavender pretty amazing. Normally a “Perlwein” with the added CO2 tends to hide a lot of the fruit. Never have we ever perceived the degree of interest, smell and fragrance from a normal Prosecco.

On the palate the Fritz Müller is more reserved. CO2 fully integrated and the fruit at first almost masked. This is more the anticipation awakened by the layered bouquet. When we really get the nose in the glass we detect refreshing citrus aromas, even grapefruit. The reflex to swallow pops up and suddenly the glass is empty. A barely sweet finish and here comes the grapefruit again followed by an acerbic, tart finish. What remains is a quite pleasant memory!

About the Fritz Müller Rosé. There are topics and moments where advertisement fulfills what’s promised. Example is when the Secco producers Guido Walter and Jürgen Hofmann allow commentary from their expert colleagues: here is praise from Berliner sommelier Billy Wagner-Rosa “Perlwein” for a quick drink for people that demand something special but without a big wallet-end of quote! These are true words that imply on translation: a terrific Secco that hits swiftly and quickly, (11% Alcohol), with super positive ratio of price to taste!

Produced from Portugieser and Pinot Noir it smells of Raspberries and Red Currents. Someone who enjoys soft citrus notes on the palate will easily be satisfied. It makes for a delicious welcoming beverage or a refreshing aperitif.