Source: Bon Vivant Imports

Source: Bon Vivant Imports


Toro, Spain

Finca Volvoreta is a small family producer fifteen minutes outside of Zamora, a charming town where the famous Duero River borders its walls, in the heart of Castilla y Leon. It was the first certified organic bodega in the entire region, let alone in the Toro DO., and continues to push environmental consciousness to inspirational heights.

Antonio Alfonso grew up makin gwine with his father, and has now passed on the winemaking duties to his daughter Maria, who at that time was the youngest female winemaker in Spain’s history.

Now, the estate farms 15 hectares of vineyards (with many bio-dynamic practices) within their 100 hectares of organic property, in the highest elevation of sun-scorched hills in the region. It is a sublime land of forests, wild herbs, native insects and birds - all of which play an important role in the gorgeous biodiversity of the area.

Volvoreta means butterfly in the Gallego dialect of northwestern Spain, to pay tribute to the way all of nature must combine in order to create exceptional quality wines. This is a winery that has received a lot of press recently for their focus and dedication, as it is nothing short of spectacular to see the different wines coming out of this bodega.