Source: Fidencio Mezcal

Source: Fidencio Mezcal



Fidencio Mezcal, a 100 percent agave espadín, 100 percent Oaxacan, ultra-premium mezcal. Made by a fourth-generation mezcalero in Santiago Matatlán (a small pueblo in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca), Fidencio is an intriguing and artisanal entrant in the rapidly growing mezcal market. 

With the goal of providing an authentic yet mixable mezcal, Fidencio offers a wholly-unique flavor profile. Twice-distilled using all estate-grown, 10 year old (or older) agave espadín piñas, Fidencio is produced sin humo, or without smoke. Fidencio roasts the agave in a radiant steam oven, creating a neutral heat that doesn’t rely on wood-burning or earthenware to imbue flavor. This innovative technique was developed by Fidencio mezcalero Enrique Jimenez, and the result is a smooth, crisp and clean mezcal that highlights the pure, elemental expression of the agave espadín from which it’s made.

“Fidencio is unlike any other mezcal on the market today,” says Fidencio CEO Amy Hardy. “Living in Oaxaca for the past eight years, I’ve sampled countless varieties of mezcal. Through my admittedly enjoyable tastings, I realized the one thing I could rarely do was enjoy mezcal in a cocktail, as the smoky notes are often overwhelming. We're thrilled that Enrique has developed such a remarkable process that produces such a completely unique, mixable, and sippable mezcal.”

Fidencio captures the true spirit of Oaxaca, from its estate-grown agave espadín to the mezacalero who produces it. Fidencio is also produced with its origins top of mind, so all efforts are made to make the mezcal with as little environmental impact as possible. As such, Fidencio is a sustainable, biodynamic product. Its initial, limited-edition, production run also features a small piece of Barro Negro – traditional Oaxacan pottery from the village of San Bartolo – on the bottle top so mezcal fans can instantly enjoy Fidencio’s smooth flavors.