Source: Elio Perrone

Source: Elio Perrone


Piedmont, Italy

The first name Elio, is shared by my father and my son. This reminds us to stay connected to our roots while also looking forward to our future. We have been called an "Oenological tailor's shop" for our unique attention to detail with each harvest, each wine and each label. Just as my father taught me, I will do the same with my son Elio. -Stefano Perrone

What does it mean to be an Oenological tailor's shop? It means to cater to the vineyards. To observe the plants and study the lines of their bodies. During the summer, imagining the forms the wines will have after the harvest, and be able to nurture them and enhance them, so they can fully express themselves.  Managing a vineyard is about sensibility, not supremacy.

Perrone Winery was born by vinifying Muscat's precious and delicate grapes that require great attention. The harvesting choice is about balance; a day too late might mean to jeopardize the subtle harmony of the grapes. From Muscat we have learned the art of harvesting and we have applied to to all the grapes that are picked.

The cellar is the atelier of the Oenological tailor's shop, where they conceive, design, measure and assemble the wines. Each detail is fundamental: the slightest change in temperature during fermentation or a wooden slat of barrel over-toasted, can switch the esthetic balance in wine. Elio belives bottles and labels play a very important role, and loves to choose formats that fit their wine build, while Giuliana creates labels that best represent the work.

Each bottle is a commitment to creating extraordinary wines. Each bottle must express its own original vision or an unprecedented interpretation of a classic. Whether international grapes or traditional from territories such as Barbera or Muscat, the Perrones intend to tell the story of their family through the research and development work. Each wine is ready to leave the cellar only when it is considered complete and looked after up until the final detal.