Source: Edi Simcic Wines

Source: Edi Simcic Wines


Slovenia, Italy

Goriska Brda - where the soft Northern Mediterranean blends with the Southern Alps, a place where the soil is rich with salts and minerals. The Goriska Brda region is noted for white wines: Mediterranean exotic, mineral, full-bodied and fresh at the same time, with an ageing potential of up to 5-6 years. We put our trust in Rebula (Ribolla Gialla) and its potential. Rebula is the variety of pride, our identity. Reds? We have believed in them for a very long time. From them we demand maturing and longevity. The vineyards of the Goriska Brda region can deliver it.

The wine cellar grew with him an dit still carries his name.  One motive, one creed: to do well whatever you do. Nature itself speaks to the one who can hear it. When the years of spending time with vineyards and grapes provided feelings with certainty and estimations with reliability, predictions were no longer difficult. Changes are the only constant on this path from generation to generation: my son Aleks is my best partner.

Nature teaches us to think naturally in our everyday work. The morning dew says something about the brevity of life and roots can teach you much about persistence. The sun encourages a wealth of thoughts about abundance; icy grains remind us that even a pause and a reflection have their purpose. Amidst the vines and the sky, opening towards the sea, nature shapes our character as we encounter it - always the same and yet always a different king of story, crowned by wines with profoundness, uniqueness and freshness.

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