Source: Domaine Paul Thomas

Source: Domaine Paul Thomas


Loire, France

Located in Chavignol at the foot of the coast of the Damned Mountains, Claire and Raphael operate a family estate where 25% of the total area is Pinot Noir and produces our Sancerre Rouge and Rose and 75% in Sauvignon which produces our Sancerre Blanc.

The vineyard of Sancerre is located int he north-east end on the left bank of the Loire on 3,000 hectares. There are about 300 winegrowers, 30 producer-deals and a cooperative winery.

In Chavignol, Paul Thomas, owner, harvests and vinifies the wines for the property. This vineyard village is located at the bottom of a small valley surrounded by coasts. The name Monts-Damnes emphasizes the extreme hardness of the work of the peasants who had to cultivate the vines by hand on these steep slopes. Moreover, since the particularly violent storm of 1921, many vines were abandoned there.