Source: Domaine Christian Moreau Pere & Fils

Source: Domaine Christian Moreau Pere & Fils


Southwest France

"We believe that in our vineyard our family should keep alive a tradition that has lasted for 6 generations. This means: Respecting Chablis' vineyard terroir, the only one of its kind in the world; Working in a rational way to maintain our grapevines and soil. We labor the land to avoid having to use weed-killers, employ natural methods to eliminate the need for insecticides, and carry out regular daily inspections of the grapevines to prevent disease. And apply a comprehensive strategy for effective yield management. By carefully managing our yields, we are able to obtain a high level of concentration of sugar in each grape and produce a wine that reflects the true character of our vineyards.

Our winemaking techniques should strive to honor the high quality of our terroir, vines and grapes, bringing out the very best in every harvest. All our equipment, from the trailers used to transport the grape harvest to the vats themselves, have been carefully selected so that each grape parcel can be worked separately.

All our grapes are hand-picked, from our Petit Chablis up to our Grand Crus."