Source: DEI

Source: DEI


Toscana, Italy

A fifty-year long passion.

In Tuscany, Cantine Dei is one of a kind. Total respect and a careful selection of soils, enhancement of the terroir and of its grape varieties, search for the highest quality in a unique natural and architectural environment, these are its key elements. An environment where passion and innovation merge to create a product able to represent and enhance Tuscany throughout the world.

The Dei family passion takes shape in 1964 when Alibrando Dei chooses to purchase the land of Bossona where he plants his first vineyard. An extraordinary place, ideal for producing great red wines. In the 70s, he purchases the property of Martiena and its main villa. In 1985, a year with an exceptional harvest, the Dei family, after deciding to pursue a career as an independent winemaker, produces its first bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

For over twenty years, Caterina Dei has been the interpreter of her family’s knowledge and values. Today, she has inherited that farming and winemaking tradition whose ideal location is Montepulciano. A company founded on the deep roots of tradition, but which is projected into the contemporary world, able to innovate and reinterpret over two hundred years of wine history.

This is the story of the Cantine Dei.