Source: Boutinot

Source: Boutinot


Out of all the wines we produce and represent, it is the small range of Cuvée Jean-Paul that truly epitomizes the Boutinot story and our philosophy.

Over 30 years ago (1984 in fact) , disillusioned with the drinkability and inconsistency of too many French ‘House Wines’ on offer, the original founder of the Company, Paul Boutinot set about breaking the mould.

Named after his first son, the Cuvée Jean-Paul range was born. The wines have evolved over the years and are still enjoyed today because we have maintained the Boutinot culture of quality and drinkability.

Paul entrusted his first wine to our two talented winemakers in France, Samantha Bailey and Eric Monnin, in whose hands Cuvée Jean-Paul continues to offer consistent quality, drinkability and downright great value, to customers everywhere.