Source: Clos Troteligotte

Source: Clos Troteligotte


Cahors, France

The quality of wine depends primarily on the work in the vineyards. Viticulture has always been essential in the development of Clos Troteligotte wines. The balance between the vine and the soil, where it plunges its roots, makes it possible to harvest a grape expressing the best of the varietal and the soil.

Respect for the Earth is a priority. Since the birth of Clos Troteligotte in 1987, the practice has been a peasant agriculture. Over the years, it was learned to know the grape varieties, the terroir and the climate around them. The growers are tied to the land, and if it's meant to continue, it must be preserved.

Certified Organic in 2014, with biodynamics began in 2015.