Source: CIRQ

Source: CIRQ


Russian River Valley, California

Estate wines from Michael Browne.

"Dear Friends,

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing vineyards over the years. In fact, I take great pride in knowing that we’ve left few stones unturned in seeking out the very best Pinot Noir that California has to offer. At Kosta Browne, we’ve had the privilege and honor of working with some of the finest vineyards and the farmers who tend them. We continue to explore our obsession with Pinot and it remains an inspiration to me and the entire team.

In 2008 I started to grow just a little restless. Like many winemakers, I wanted to develop my own vineyards and grow my own fruit. At Kosta Browne we were working with the best winegrowers, but now I wanted to become one. Finding new sites that offer the potential for greatness is hard but I knew that there were a few untapped locations out there and so the search began. Luckily, my good friendCharlie Chenoweth rallied to the cause and helped me find, develop and farm two new spots that felt right. This is the moment when CIRQ began.

CIRQ is all about these two special places. Bootlegger’s Hill and Treehouse are their names. Both are located in the western reaches of the Russian River Valley, high above the town of Occidental. Since 2009 we’ve been busy developing these vineyards with the sole focus of creating magic. The sites are special, the farming exemplary and the vision is to make Pinot Noir that speaks of these unique places.

Although part of the Kosta Browne family, CIRQ is distinct and different. Focused exclusively on the two estate vineyards, CIRQ has its own character and we’re only just beginning to understand the potential of these sites – limited only by the small yields that the vineyards offer. Consider CIRQ a performance that happens once per year. A show that we are constantly rehearsing, sharpening our skills for and anticipating delighting you with. Inspired in name by my time in the circus and motivated by the goal of delighting our audience. This performance is for you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

All my best,
Michael Browne"

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