Source: Kysela

Source: Kysela


Provence, France

Charles Thomas is a private label created for Kysela Pere et Fils from two different properties owned by Francois Martenot.

Charles Thomas Cotes de Provence is produced ta Chateau la Galiniere, located in the town of Chateaneuf-le-Rogue, just outside Aix-en-Provence. It is the site of a magnificent 18th Century chateau dominating the plains of Cengle. The property, certified organic in France since the 2014 vintage, is located on bauxite-rich clay and sand red soil. The name of the town and the surrounding area, Chateaneuf-Le-Rouge, refers to the red colored soil.  The property grows Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, Cabernet, Rolle and Viognier. Managers Fabrice Arcari and his wife Aureli are continuing a long and successful quality control, in the vineyards, thanks to green harvest and in the cellar, using a sorting table in order to keep only the best grapes for the macerations.

Charles Thomas Cotes du Rhone is produced at Clos des Miran, Located in the plains of Mas Conil, near the village Pont Saint Espirit in the Gard district. The property is located on a hillside of very deep loamy and sandy soil. The land is tilled with horse-drawn plows to preserve its essential qualities and respect the environment.