Source: Kysela

Source: Kysela


Rhone Valley, France

The estate is located in the Côte Brune in the lieu-dit La Viallière. Joël Champet represents the 3rd generation of winemakers in the family; his sons Romain and Maxime the 4th. He inherited the vineyards from his father Emile, who obtained the land from his father (Joel's grandfather).

The vines are in the famous La Vialliere site, marked by its fine, mica-rich schist soil and steep, southeast-facing slopes (50 degree angles or more). During the 1960’s, La Vialliere was mostly woods, but Joel’s father Emile spent over 30 years turning this rugged area into three hectares of prime vineyard land.

Joel, Romain and Maxime farm these same 3 hectares today, which are mostly Syrah grapes (a mere 5% Viognier). Everything at Champet is done very traditionally – Joel doesn’t even own a destemmer. Everything is done by hand using the same methods the family has been using for nearly 50 years.